The world of  P.H.C. Marchesi

     "There must be something down here he wanted us to see," said Shauna. 
     "I wonder what, though," said her brother.  "The only thing here is a tree."
     Shauna lifted her glowing hand and saw, a few feet away from her, a trunk wide enough to fit the laundromat building where they lived in New York.
     "Maybe that's it," she said.  "Maybe someone lives here.  See if you can find a door, or a window, or something like that."

     Shelby had only taken a few steps forward when a round, golden door handle popped our from under the ridges of the trunk.
     "No way!" he cried.  "You were totally right.  There's a door handle here!"
     "If there's a door handle, there must be a -"
     Before Shauna had finished, the bark opened up to a wide, dimly lit spiral staircase.