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Fifteen-year-old Wynd doesn’t know she’s a fairy, but she has already nearly lost herself to the wind. She longs to fly, to be free, to disappear. Problem is, she cares too much about her ten-year-old sister to leave her behind. Sylva would never make it in the foster care system on her own. She thinks she’s a tree. And no one believes her but Wynd.


The two sisters were found, five years earlier, on a road by a forest. They have vague memories of this forest, as well as the gunshot sound that killed their mother. When Sylva becomes deathly ill, it's up to Wynd to save her sister and take her back home to Florissant, an enchanted forest with a boarding school for orphaned fairies. Yet little does Wynd know that coming home is only the beginning of a great – and dangerous – adventure, one that will force her to face her deepest fears in order to save the fairy realm.


Award-winning author Marchesi's positive novels have captured the minds of young and young-at-heart readers who cherish exciting stories filled with life-like characters in amazing fictional worlds. Her family-friendly fantasy and sci-fi stories are upbeat, optimistic reads full of imagination. Explore the exciting world of P.H.C. Marchesi and get ready for your next big adventure!



Amazon & Goodreads reviews:


"I absolutely loved Florissant! The integration of Shakespeare into a young adult fantasy novel was brilliant and a wonderful way to introduce younger readers to the beauty of the Bard. I was caught up in the magic of Florissant and can't wait to read more. Please tell me this is the first book of series!"

"Florissant is a plate of fantasy, seasoned with love of nature, and sprinkled with the magic of Shakespeare.
It is a feast for the younger reader and will capture the heart of all ages. Heartily recommended!"

"I really enjoy reading fantasy, but this book blew my socks off. The book kept me on my toes, and it twisted and turned at every opportunity. Marchesi did a very good job with modernizing the familiar Shakespeare characters from his Midsummer's Night Dream and they really came alive for me. I would 100% recommend this book to everyone, and it's just amazing."

"Really enjoyed this marvelous y/a fantasy novel with its dual nature and Shakespeare themes. . .Good plot, with fun connections to A Midsummer Night's Dream and beautiful descriptions of the forest, which I can still see in my mind. . .Hope there will be a sequel to carry Wynd and Sylva further along in their adventures to preserve more of the natural world."

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