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ISBN 978-1949290585

Fifteen-year-old Wynd doesn’t know she’s a fairy, but she has already nearly lost herself to the wind. She longs to fly, to be free, to disappear. Problem is, she cares too much about her ten-year-old sister to leave her behind. Sylva would never make it in the foster care system on her own. She thinks she’s a tree. And no one believes her but Wynd.

The two sisters were found, five years earlier, on a road by a forest. They have vague memories of this forest, as well as the gunshot sound that killed their mother. When Sylva becomes deathly ill, it's up to Wynd to save her sister and take her back home to Florissant, an enchanted forest with a boarding school for orphaned fairies. Yet little does Wynd know that coming home is only the beginning of a great – and dangerous – adventure, one that will force her to face her deepest fears in order to save the fairy realm.

High res COVER BOOK 2 (2014_04_23 17_50_
Shelby & Shauna Kitt
and the Alterax Buttons            

ISBN 978-1547284047

Things haven't been going well for Shelby and Shauna Kitt. Since their return from Miriax, strange migraines have plagued Shelby, and visions of butterflies have taken over Shauna's dreams. To make things worse, Lendox has mysteriously vanished from their lives, and the brother-and-sister team can only wonder if they will ever see him again.


Then there's school – and detention. Being 13 is hard.


As the twins discover that their special powers are as different as their personalities, they learn that an even greater threat promises to destroy all they hold dear. Will they manage to develop their skills in time and work together against a common enemy?


Join Shelby and Shauna Kitt on their most exciting adventure yet, and be – like them – forever changed.

Book 2 of the Shelby & Shauna Kitt series
COVER Shelby and Shauna Kitt (2014_04_23
Shelby & Shauna Kitt
and the Dimensional Holes 

ISBN 978-0615475448 

Who would want to have tea with mushrooms, when it’s a hundred degrees and humid out? As Shelby and Shauna Kitt find out, quite a few people. These are, of course, people from Miriax, a planet in a different dimension where nothing and no one is anything like what the 13 year-old brother-and-sister twins expect. On Miriax, lilac tea is served with explosive mushrooms, agitex leaves cure motion sickness, stick insects patrol the jungle, and library books carefully choose their readers, refusing to leave the shelf for anyone else. And, if you’re not careful, the walls spit on you. 

Shelby and Shauna's lives change drastically when planet Miriax recruits them to seal a dimensional hole that allows Klodians - nasty aliens - to travel to Earth. In order to succeed in their mission, Shelby and Shauna discover skills they never thought they possessed, make friends they never expected to have, and face enemies they never imagined existed. 

Book 1 of the Shelby & Shauna Kitt series
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